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Custom made to your requirements

Our Sliding Doors are manufactured to fit door openings of up to 2400mm high and 4800mm wide.

Depending on the size of the opening, you have the option of double or triple tracks.


Most custom made wardrobe doors are in pairs/sets and we would recommend this setup for openings to 2400mm wide.


For door openings over this width and up to 3600mm wide, you may choose to have 3 doors on 3 tracks or 4 doors on 2 tracks for better access to drawers and shelves.


Widths between 3600mm - 4800mm will require 4 doors.


When deciding the number of doors and tracks it is also important to ensure you have sufficient depth in your wardrobe to be able to hang clothes so they do not hit the inside of the door.


A 2 door track is 80mm wide and your clothes generally need 500mm from shoulder to shoulder when hanging.


For a 2 track system your wardrobe needs to be a minimum of 580mm deep.


A 3 door track system is 120mm wide and therefore your wardrobe would need to be a minimum depth of 620mm.


Points to consider:


  •  2 doors on 2 tracks allow half of the wardrobe to be opened. Track is 80mm wide. 2 doors are suitable for door opening widths up to 2400mm wide.

  • 3 doors on 3 tracks allow for two thirds of the wardrobe to be opened. Track is 120mm wide. This is ideal for wardrobes containing drawers positioned centrally. 3 doors are suitable for door openin widths up to 3600mm

  • 4 doors on 2 tracks allow half (or any quarter) of the wardrobe to be opened. A good option for very wide wardrobes up to 4800mm

If floor packers are required for door tracks, we will supply a 9mm packer these free of charge.

This packer is to be used on a hard surface when carpet will be applied to the floor.

Bottom tracks cannot be installed on top of carpet.

If carpet exists, this will need to be cut prior to installation.

It is paramount that the floor surface is level where a door track will be applied, as our doors rely on a hard and level surface to operate effectively.

Sectional Sliding Doors
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