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Wardrobe Declutter Tips

It’s probably a job you have been putting off, but trust us when we say you will be happy you did it once it’s done! We have put together a quick 5-step list to declutter your wardrobe so you can stop feeling guilty, and start enjoying using your wardrobe!

1) Take all of your clothes out of your wardrobe and place them on a bed or the floor (give yourself plenty of space) and sort your clothes into piles by categories (pants, t-shirts, jumpers, activewear, smalls).

2) Go through each category by picking up one item of clothing at a time and consider if it’s a “Keep”, a “Maybe” or a “No”. Only keep items that you love, that fit you now, and that makes you feel good. Remember the Year Rule – if you haven’t worn it in the past 12months….chances are you have moved on from it, and you should move it on!

TIP: With everything out of your wardrobe, now is a perfect opportunity to quickly vacuum and wipe surfaces inside the wardrobe!

3) Now turn your attention to the “Maybe” pile. Be honest with your decisions. We only wear about 20% of our wardrobe 80% of the time, so ask yourself again – do you really wear that sweater? If you’re still not sure, hang the item in your wardrobe with the hook facing backwards and in 12 months’ time if the hanger is still facing backwards, you haven’t worn it and it’s probably time to let it go.

4) Now you’re down to 2 piles: “Keep” and “Nope”. Put the “Nope” pile into bags/boxes and donate to charity, or give to a friend.

5) One more step with your “Keep” pile. Pull out all the clothes that are not currently in season, and store them in clear plastic containers or vacuum seal bags and store them under the bed or another storage area in your house (i.e. garage, attic). Then return the rest of the “Keep” pile in-season clothing to your wardrobe.

6) Go one step further and use the KonMari folding method for clothes in drawers. Hang your clothes in order of type such as jackets through to light t-shirts, or by colour. Now stand back and admire your hard work. Ahhhh…satisfying! To really stay on top of things, diarise a reminder for in 6 months’ time.

We hope this blog has been useful in helping you declutter your wardrobe. Even the most de-cluttered wardrobe can still look untidy without a good wardrobe organiser. This is where we come in and help! Regency Wardrobes offers a great range of wardrobe systems, from shelf towers, to drawer towers and plenty of hanging spaces as well as utilising a top shelf for those less frequently used items. We can accommodate to all budgets. Regency Wardrobes also specialises in sliding doors which not only save space in your room, but look modern and fresh and can include mirror panels for a brighter lighter room. If it’s time you sorted your wardrobe – give Regency Wardrobes a call today!

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